At the end of 2012 we extended WebRatio to an educational level, with an academic project to train students in Cybernetics and Computer Sciences in Romanian Universities: WebRatio Academy.

Our goal for this pilot program was to recruit the most talented students from The Bucharest University of Economic Studies  and also to help local companies become aware of the benefits of the incredibly complex and numerous applications of WebRatio.

The first result was the recruitment of 6 of the most promising students from the Faculty of Economic Informatics and Cybernetics, who are currently members of two of our departments: EuroLeasing Maintenance Center and Research&Development.

The program will continue in 2013-2014, with an extended training agenda and an internship program for students from the Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics

For the past 2 years, we have been supporting one of the most talented young fencer in Romania, Tudor Zarnescu. We are very proud to be part of Team Tudor, a winning one, as he is a multiple fencing champion with titles and participations amongst which we mention:

▪ Ist place, Unefs - Engarde Cup, Bucharest, 2012

▪ 2nd place, Kids Four Stars Cup, Bucharest, 2012

▪ 2nd place, National Fence Championship for Children,  Constanta, 2012

▪ 2nd place, City Championship, Bucharest, 2013

▪ Successful participations in international competitions, such as Epée Grand Prix GP2 Szolnok – Mini

▪ Boys Epée Szolnok 2012, Epée Grand Prix GP3 Budapest – VASAS Kupa Mini Boys Epée Budapest,

▪ 2013, Epée Grand Prix GP5 Békéscsaba - Csaba Cup Mini Boys Epée Békéscsaba, 2013

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