EuroLeasing/Forward is a multicompany product, a complex solution that covers all asset finance needs through:

» Financial leasing
» Operational leasing
» Insurance broker
» Loan

The BPM flow allows us to follow through a contract, from the offer to its closing (pre-activation and post-activation flow).

The Financial Gateway is a consolidate and efficient solution which is dedicated for the non-bank financial institutions. It provides integration with public organization (National Agency for Fiscal Administration, National Bank Of Romania).

The modular system includes:
1. Portfolio
2. Accounting
3. Logistics
4. Credit evaluation
5. Collection module
6. Asset management
7. Reporting
8. User management (rights, history)
9. Administration (parameterizations)
10. Excel template management
Our flexible and innovative technology allows us to extend and adapt these solutions to any business process, beyond Finance and Banking -  the areas where we are most renowned.